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Canadian citizens and permanent residents may sponsor a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner from another country to immigrate to Canada. With sponsorship, the applicant can receive permanent resident status in Canada.

The sponsor must sign an agreement with the Canadian Government to financially support the applicant for 3 years after they become a permanent resident of Canada.

Basic Requirements:

Who You can Sponsor

Spouse (Husband, Wife)

If you married in Canada, you need to have a marriage certificate issued by the province or territory where you were married.

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If your marriage took place outside of Canada, the marriage must be legally recognized in that country and under Canadian law.

A marriage certificate does not prove your relationship is genuine. Even with your marriage certficate, your application can be refused.

Common-law Partner

You can sponsor a common law partner if you have lived together in a conjugal relationship for 12 months without interruption (some exceptions apply).

You will need to prove that you and your partner have a household together and that your affairs are combined. The common-law partner can be of the same or opposite sex.

Conjugal Partner

This immigration category is for partners who have been unable to live together due to circumstances beyond their control. In order to qualify, you must meet the other criteria for spousal or common-law sponsorship.

The relationship must be more than just a physical relationship. The level of commitment equals the commitment of marriage and common-law relationships. You will need to provide proof of your commitment! Examples include owning property together, joint bank accounts, etc.

You may qualify for this category if you have not been able to live together due to:

You will need to prove that there was a plausible reason you could not live together. If you could have lived together, but decided not to, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will question your level of commitment to each other.

Fiancé or Fiancee

The Canadian Government does not permit you to sponsor your fiancé(e), unless you qualify as a conjugal or common-law partner. There may be alternative ways for the applicant to immigrate to Canada. If you would like to bring your fiancé or fiancee to Canada, contact us to set up a consultation with one of our Regulated Immigration Consultants.

Two Types of Sponsorship Applications

Outside of Canada Spousal Sponsorship

The applicant lives in different country. This is sometimes the fastest way to an approved application. Usually, the sponsored person comes to Canada after a Permanent Resident Visa has been issued. The applicant has the right to appeal in case of a negative decision by immigration. Even when the applicant lives in Canada, they still have the right to use an overseas visa office for processing of the application.

In-Canada Spousal Sponsorship

The applicant lives in Canada before and during the application. In order to qualify, the spouse must have legal status in Canada with visa or permit, or be without status e.g. expired tourist visa, as long as there is no removal order.

Careful! If your spouse travels out of the country during the application and is refused re-entry, your application could be void!

The Application Process:

Step One:

The Canadian citizen or permanent resident applies to sponsor the spouse, common-law, or conjugal partner.

Step Two:

The spouse, common-law or conjugal partner applies for permanent residence.

Processing Times for Sponsorship Applications (IRCC - Government)

Outland processing network:

Application for: Assessment of Sponsor Assessment of Applicant
Spouse 66 days View 80% Statistic (includes sponsor assessment time).

Reflects all partner or child sponsorship files submitted to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, not files we represent.

Times fluctuate ongoing and without notice.
Common-law partner 66 days
Conjugal partner 66 days
Dependent Child 66 days

Inland processing network (note you may file outland even if in Canada):

Application Type Submission date Processing time (80% statistic)
Spouse or Common-law with dependants Submitted after December 7, 2016 12 Months target
Submitted prior to December 7, 2016 Up to 26 Months (in backlog reduction queue)

How our Regulated Immigration Consultants Help

“A marriage certificate and love is not enough.”

Our Regulated Immigration Consultants complete and submit the applications for you. You can continue to enjoy life, and we do all the paperwork. We’ll ask some questions and let you know what information and supporting documents we need to complete your application, and you're done!

We help prove that your spouse or partner deserves a permanent resident card. Each year, spouses and partners are refused permanent resident status or entry into Canada. This happens when Immigration Officials do not believe the relationship is real or when applications are delayed if submitted with errors or omissions.

Our Regulated immigration consultants are experienced in proving that your relationship is real, and will assist you collect the evidence to prove it.

We'll explain and justify the unusual. Anything unusual like a large age difference, cultural difference, or a religious difference can cast doubt on the genuineness of your application. Our consultants present it just right to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to maximize your chances of success.

We'll make sure your application and supporting documents are accurate, complete and follow Canada’s Immigration Law.

Our Sponsorship Package - What We Do:

We help prevent delays to your application and reduce the chances of rejection by:

Our Sponsorship Package - What You Do:

Simply provide truthful answers to our questions, documents as per our detailed instructions, and we take care of everything else!

Sponsorship Service Cost

Our service cost depends on application complexity and service level. Clients are given a flat-fee quote prior to service start for expected work and most clients qualify for a payment plan. If you are thinking about hiring an immigration consultant or lawyer for your sponsorship application, request a service proposal and quote.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada Fees Amount
Sponsorship and Permanent Resident Application Fee $550
Right of Permanent Residence Fee* $490*
Total Government $1040.00**

*This fee can be paid after application processing is complete and before a permanent resident visa is issued.

**You may incurr additional expenses such as: translations, courier, medical examination, police clearance, professional fees, additional processing costs for children.

Sponsorship Information - Did you know?, Eligibility, and FAQ's

Did you know?

The minimum income requirement is waived for sponsors of spouses and common-law or conjugal partners.

Both the sponsor and the spouse/partner can live in a foreign country while applying for Canadian spousal sponsorship. You will need to prove that you both intend to live in Canada.

There are many factors that affect your eligibility to sponsor. Depending on the province where you live, there may be additional sponsorship requirements.

If you have sponsored someone before and that person has requested government financial assistance, this can affect your application.

A marriage conducted in an embassy or consulate needs to comply with the law of the country, not the country the embassy is representing.

Failing to disclose information to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (e.g. family members or not having them examined) will prevent you from sponsoring them in the future. This is called misrepresentation.

If your friends have a hard time understanding your relationship, Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials will as well! You’ll have to justify your claims and prove that your relationship is genuine.

You are not eligible to be a sponsor if you:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sponsor my same-sex partner as a spouse?
You can sponsor a same-sex partner as a spouse if you were married in Canada after certain dates. If you were married outside of Canada, your marriage must be recognized both in the country of marriage and under Canadian law.
We are engaged to be married. Can I sponsor my future wife or husband?
You may sponsor as a common law partner if you have lived together for at least 12 continuous months, or as a spouse after you become married.
I don’t make very much money. Can I still sponsor my wife?
Yes, you can. The minimum income requirements are waived for spousal sponsors; however, you are not able to sponsor someone if you are on social assistance other than disability. Also, you must convince the immigration officer that adequate financial arrangements are in place for your family member(s) after they land in Canada. This means showing to the immigration officer there is no risk you or your dependants will require social assistance in the foreseeable future. If your family income is low, we are able to offer you a flexible payment plan for our service fees, at no additional financial cost to you.
Should I apply from “Within Canada” or from “Outside of Canada?”
There are many factors to consider when selecting your application type. Sometimes, an “In-Canada” spouse sponsorship application takes much longer than an “Outside of Canada” sponsorship application. Depending on your nationality; however, the inland process may be quicker. In addition, applying from within Canada may affect your right to an appeal and limit travel options during processing. Other factors to consider include removal risk, study and work permission timing, interview travel requirements, and more. What’s best for you depends on your personal circumstances and your status within Canada. We are able to assist you weigh the pros and cons and come to the best decision.
Why are applicants called in for an interview?
Applicants will be called in for an interview if Citizenship and Immigration officials doubt that the relationship is genuine. Should the interview go poorly, it’s likely that the application will be denied.
We have a genuine relationship. I’ve looked at the criteria, and it seems that I qualify. Is my application guaranteed approval?
Unfortunately not. If your application is not properly prepared or of the supporting documents are not up to the standards of Canada Citizenship and Immigration, your application for a family visa may be refused.
I’ve heard someone say I need to financially support my sponsored party for 3 years and heard another person say the commitment is 10 years. Which is it?
For spouses, common-law partners, or conjugal partners you need to provide financial support for 3 years.
For accompanying dependent children of your spouse or partner, you need to provide 10 years of financial support or until the dependent child turns 25 years of age, whichever is first.
For dependent children over the age of 25, you must provide financial support for 3 years.

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Top 5 Application Errors

  1. Complete sponsorship applications that are accepted for processing but fail to address eligibility concerns.
  2. Not addressing complicating factors within the initial application resulting in lengthy processing delays.
  3. Missing signatures and supporting documents resulting in the return of the application.
  4. Insufficient proof that the relationship is genuine prompting interviews and potential refusals.
  5. Failure to disclose offences.For example, misrepresentation about purpose of visit to Canada (on previous visitor visa applications or at port-of-entry for visa-exempt partners).